Adapts to light. Adapts to your life.

Whether you are running errands or running up a mountain, if you have a busy lifestyle, you don’t have time to slow down. With Sensity photochromic lenses, you don’t have to stop and change your glasses to ensure that your eyes are protected. Sensity provides the benefit of prescription lenses with the UV protection of sunglasses. Adapting to different light conditions, Sensity provides visual comfort whatever the weather.

Greater convenience and comfort - for limitless lifestyles

Offering convenience and comfort, Sensity lenses adapt to your lifestyle. Sensity lenses will darken when exposed to sun, and fade back to clear when indoors. With HOYA’s Sensity range, you can enjoy the benefit of convenience, without compromising on contrast and colour perception.

Hoya sensity wheel

Hoya Sensity2

Choice of beautiful natural colour options - The Sensity family

Sensity colours

Sensity colours2

Hoya Sensity3

Hoya sensity opt

Hoya Sensity4

For more information, please visit your local Mackey Opticians - call in to see the new different Sensity Colours available. You may be best to phone and book an appointment with one of our dispensing assistants. 

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