Advanced Eyecare

Advanced Eyecare

Over the last year Mackey Opticians have invested over £100,000 in new 3D-OCT (Ocular Coherence Tomography) Laser Scanning instruments which are now available at 4 of our practices as listed below..

We can now offer an "Advanced Eye Examination" at these practices which includes routine screening with the OCT-3D Laser scanner alongside your normal eye examination tests.

This is not just a photograph - the machine uses a laser to scan the interior of your eye and build up a 3-dimensional model of your eye with the ability to see underneath the retina and into your optic nerve. The measurements can then be compared to an age-related database to see if your eyes are different to that expected, or can be compared from year to year so that we can discover small changes that may not normally be apparent with our other battery of tests.


OCT 3D - Laser scanners can detect early signs of glaucoma nerve fibre loss and macula changes that may not be otherwise visible. They may help explain why your vision may have changed. OCT's can also look behind any cataracts and other opacities to check that your retina and optic nerve are still healthy.

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An Advanced Eye Examination costs just £40.00 for Private patients and £25.00 for those who get a free NHS eye examination (for example - Students under 19, Over 60's, "On Benefits", Glaucoma suspects and Diabetics) 

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Or click on one of our four OCT-3D practices to phone for an appointment:

If you normally have your eyes examined at one of our other practices, we can arrange for you to have an OCT screening first at one of the listed practices and an OCT report will then be sent to your Optometrist before your appointment. All of our practices are listed below. 

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